MBA Class Starts

Finally my much awaited MBA class (listed as an elective in Marketing and International Business) started yesterday in room H 203 at UNH. It’s a smart classroom with great technology. But what made the class greater were the students who signed up for it. Enthusiastic learners, the entire class have great job experience and most have day jobs and attend school in the evenings. Their commitment to thrive in a global world is inspiring.

Knowing that  that the number of articles on outsourcing in the scholarly and popular press has grown from only 116 articles before 1990 to over 36,800 articles in 2005, including more than 2100 scholarly peer-reviewed articles (PROQUEST SEARCH, July 2005) made deciding a book really difficult.

So I settled for an overview reading of "The Flat World" by Thomas Friedman. It really sets the context for my MBA course and I included a critique as part of the course assignments.

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