My CAPM Workshop

On October 25th I presented the workshop on "Global Outsourcing of knowledge based services" at CAPM. The presentation was further developed from the earlier ISM presentation (see outsourcer section of for the older  slides. I needed to develop my talk further for this very special audience of CAPM who like the entire ISM/NAPM community seem to be really interested in learning and sharing ideas. Moreover, October 25th had very bad weather with Wilma blowing her way through Connecticut and I really felt obliged to provide a new valuable career idea to supply managers who had showed up.  Thus, I brought in the idea that indirect spend is non-core and direct spend is core for any company. Unless you were a supply chain professional wanting to be a provider specialized in indirect spend you needed to be in direct spend because direct spend can create value and innovation while indirect spend is all about reducing spend. Indirect spend is 50% of spend so it’s important in its own right.There was spirited discussion and some managers felt that even direct spend management can be outsourced…food for my research thoughts!! Folks liked my workshop and that was gratifying.

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