Lord Ganesha made in China

Today is Ganesha Chaturthi the festival to celebrate and glorify Lord Ganesha the Hindu God of beginnings, success and " the remover of obstacles." Lord Ganesha is one of the most familiar icons of Hinduism and Homer Simpson once dressed up like the beloved elephant God in "The Simpsons"  during Apu’s wedding to chuckles from most  Indians.

One would expect that both India and China being low cost countries would at least manufacture what is culturally dear to them. So  when I heard that there are lots of decorations and Ganesha idols made in China being sold in India – I decided to research this. Apparently this is going on since at least 2002. Globalization is indeed funny you can actually order various replicas from this Made-in-China site online.

I for one had protested to a New Delhi shopkeeper, this summer  because he was selling me a Taj Mahal replica-Made in China. When I asked for a Taj Mahal replica Made in India, the Shopkeeper assured me that the Chinese quality/price combo was unbeatable and I had to reluctantly agree.

Best wishes to all global beings on Ganesh Chaturthi – may Lord Ganesha remove obstacles, bring success and a new beginning irrespective of His "Made in " label !

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