Fall Back, NE Storms and Halloween.

Today clocks were turned back an hour in the North East ( Spring Forward Fall Back) and yesterday there were wind storms in Connecticut. They didn’t appear very serious but have been deadly with two deaths reported.

For a while we didn’t mind the high winds as they seemed to be blowing the fall leaves away and in fact friends who came over last evening mentioned that our electricity supplier Connecticut Light and Power was actually offering wind powered electricity in our area.  Mild winds were back today and we lost power several times and outages were being reported by the electricity company on an hourly basis.

Losing power several times on a day when you just adjusted all the clocks is interesting because you have to re-set the time on all the electronic clocks , including the microwave and VCR. Another chore is to re-set the Internet cable and VoIP phone.  Things got a bit spooky when the lights went off after dark with Halloween just round the corner. Let’s hope that power is restored completely before Halloween on Tuesday.   Mild unreliability of electricity supply in the US makes you aware of most places in the world where electricity is not there or  can be routinely sporadic. Suppliers frequently have their own power generation as back-up and for larger service deliveries have supply locations in different countries.

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