B2B Buying Center members getting younger

If you have enabled demographic reports on your B2B marketing website in Google Analytics, you would have noticed it: there are lots of visitors from the 18-24 and 25-34 age group.  We would not be surprised if you sell some non-glamorous industrial product (eg. valves or switches.. with no offence to readers from these industries)Continue reading “B2B Buying Center members getting younger”

First time since the Great Blizzard of 1888, NYSE closes for two days for Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy has caused more destruction than imagined with thousands without power across the region, flooding of the New York subway, at least 40 deaths, 3 feet of snow in West Virginia and the NYSE closed for two days. The NYSE has been closed for two days due to weather for the first time since 1888Continue reading “First time since the Great Blizzard of 1888, NYSE closes for two days for Hurricane Sandy”

Hurricane Sandy: what can businesses really do?

Hurricane Sandy is arriving today at the East Coast of the US and is being hailed as a "Super Storm."  Hurricanes are a rarity in the East Coast and local and State Governments, private and public organizations are pulling out all the stops to keep people safe. Businesses have to wonder what they can doContinue reading “Hurricane Sandy: what can businesses really do?”

India Power Outage: why possible opportunities for the global electricity industry

India suffered two consecutive power grid failures that plunged 700 million people into darkness and that is one tenth of the 7 Billion humanity on the planet. It's important to understand why there are huge opportunities in India for the global electricity industry….. US media repeated this blackout news and pointed that none of theContinue reading “India Power Outage: why possible opportunities for the global electricity industry”

Innovation : top management need to get involved in the first three stages

It’s sort of amazing when top management in a variety of industries from high tech aerospace to comparatively low tech outer packaging seem to be disengaged and “hands off” in the first three stages of of innovation (see previous post on the 5 stages). Top leaders start taking interest when the product is in serious development(Stage 4) and many top managers become alert and awake as the product is getting launched(Stage 5). At this time things are too far ahead to change except at high cost. These include airfreight when sea freight might have worked on the supply chain side, customer apathy in the market because concept testing was not done well and there was no time to do product and market testing because top management was so un-involved that the budgets were not approved when the New Product team had put them up.

Halloween snowstorm and the power outage

On Saturday night the north east USA was hit by a snow storm. Halloween was on Monday evening and there was no power, snow on the ground and a chill in every home and dark streets. Truly scary and towns advised that the festival which involves children going house to house to "trick or treat"Continue reading “Halloween snowstorm and the power outage”

Dealing with nuclear power risks

http://abcnews.go.com/assets/player/walt2.6/flash/SFP_Walt_2_65.swf   The Los Alamos wildfare is making headlines as concerns rise about damage to the nuclear lab. Wildfires are more predictable (brush,dry,summer) than earthquakes as in Fukushima,Japan.The question that the rest of the world is asking is if Americans and Japanese are scrambling to deal with natural disasters and nuclerar installations then what aboutContinue reading “Dealing with nuclear power risks”

New opportunity for roofers as Google invests $280 million in residential solar

The great thing about the weather folks is that they are able to predict sunshine better than oil folks can predict oil and gas. And Google's investment of $280 million in residential solar with Solar City seems to be a great move  and a new opportunity for those in the roofing related installation business whoContinue reading “New opportunity for roofers as Google invests $280 million in residential solar”

Learning fortitude from the Japanese and the iodized salt rush

The world truly bows to the Japanese for their fortitude in crisis. Have you seen [ Note: This post from March 22, 2011 was updated for formatting issues on May 31, 2021] of:

Future of nuclear energy and the heroes of Fukushima

The world waits anxiously watching the nuclear leak (March 2011) play out in Japan. As earlier mentioned, when it comes to implementing any technology the Japanese do a great job. So if the Japanese are having problems with this- it must be fundamentally problematic goes the logic not only in the US but also countriesContinue reading “Future of nuclear energy and the heroes of Fukushima”

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