Learning fortitude from the Japanese and the iodized salt rush

The world truly bows to the Japanese for their fortitude in crisis. Have you seen images of:

[ Note: This post from March 22, 2011 was updated for formatting issues on May 31, 2021]

  • People pushing each other as they stand in long  lines for food,gas etc. ?
  • Angry people, yelling at each other?
  • Despair on faces even as people flee the radioactivity?

 No, Right?

  • Did you notice that the Japanese people are equally skeptical of their Government like anywhere else  (for soft pedaling the radiation issue)

– And yet they do not rave and rant about the inability of the power company to either get to the truth or have the  courage to say the truth.

Today, when we went to the grocery store in the US East Coast  to buy table salt among other things, I found myself looking for table salt that was “iodized” instead of great crystals of crush-able Mediterranean sea salt.  The sudden interest in iodized salt was spurred, not by the Japanese radioactive leak  but by the imminent leaks in and around the North East  US  nuclear power plants – that the news channels assure !

The sudden rush for iodized salt won’t help though, according to NPR.

What will help is just looking at the Japanese from Northern Japan and marveling at their stoic fellow feeling and optimism despite unthinkable events like earthquake, tsunami  and  radioactive leaks.Truly an inspiration for everyone of us.

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