Future of nuclear energy and the heroes of Fukushima

The world waits anxiously watching the nuclear leak (March 2011) play out in Japan. As earlier mentioned, when it comes to implementing any technology the Japanese do a great job. So if the Japanese are having problems with this- it must be fundamentally problematic goes the logic not only in the US but also countries like India. Coupled with this is the legendary dedication of the Japanese worker. TQM folklore has it that in the auto industry, a worker walking home was likely to straighten the wipers in cars on the street that had stopped mid-windshield ! This same dedicated worker is risking his life  and being  called the “Heroes of Fukushima.

There are risks with every technology, but “nothing ventured is nothing gained”. Let us cheer and pray for the fifty heroes of Fukushima, because their success will influence the world’s opinion and confidence  about the future of nuclear energy.

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