SAP NetWeaver in Vancouver

Reached Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada yesterday for the  SAP Curriculum Congress 2007. This is my first trip to Vancouver and although the flight was grueling with 11 hours, two flight changes and three hours of time difference I found Vancouver to be really picturesque. I have photos but not the upload cable and will put up a slide show shortly. If you search for images on Google image search you’ll find this image and the photographer has really captured Vancouver well. The weather is balmy despite some snow showers overnight  and the view from my room is just spectacular.

The SAP Curriculum Congress is about training faculty members with the various  SAP offerings so that some elements might be incorporated in the curriculum. I joined the two day sessions on NetWeaver the new direction SAP is taking to make employees access the ERP database through a web portal. I think the idea is great because a huge problem with ERP systems is the difficulty in adoption across the organization. User friendly interfaces will help.

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