Countdown to Beijing 2008- and Chinese suppliers

Today is 08-07-08 and just after 8 pm. Guess what ? the Beijing 2008 Olympics are scheduled to start in less than one year at 8.08 pm on 8th August, 2008. The number 8 signifies "prosperity" to the Chinese and the Olympic start date and time is no coincidence.

China has pulled out all the stops for the games which are billed to be the "grandest" of all games with everything becoming ready ahead of schedule. Indeed, with all the controversy surrounding Chinese quality problems with toys,toothpaste etc. China is going all out to create a positive impression with Beijing 2008 and I am sure they’ll do really well. In fact, I know that China is really doing well when you see Indian markets with  idols of Hindu Gods like the elephant headed Ganesha  and  Taj Mahal replicas  manufactured in China!

In America, Sara Bongiorni, author of "A Year without ‘Made in China’: One Family’s True Life Adventure in the Global Economy," declared in a recent interview that it was really hard to find goods for the family that could at least compare in cost to Chinese goods. Nevertheless, angst in America continues as folks grumble but buy Chinese nevertheless, as there is really no choice. More on the upstream side of the Supply Chain it came as no surprise that Chinese suppliers are easy to deal with compared to other global suppliers as this story from Thomas Net suggests. But what was really surprising is that European companies consider European suppliers really hard to deal with.

Perhaps all global suppliers will look to 8-8-8 for better luck- they will sure need it !

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