GNHCC Business Expo 2008 with AMA-CT ,Google and Seth Godin

Last year (2007) I had spoken at the GNHCC Business Expo and the expo  was great. This year I was unable to attend but requested my Internet Marketing and E-Commerce class to attend and also help out with the AMA-CT booth. It was really nice of the students to attend the expo and also listen to the excellent  talk“Web 2.0: Trends in the Digital Landscape” by Mandy Gardiner, Team Manager Google Inc.

[ Note: This post from February 24, 2008 was updated for formatting issues on May 31, 2021]

Clearly, the organizers of the Expo have moved into Web 2.0 marketing as they had got Seth Godin, Web 2.0 Marketing Guru to be the lunchtime speaker. Tod Kallenbach the AMA-CT President gave me Seth’s new book “Meatball Sundae” and I just finished reading it. Fascinating……

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