GNHCC Business Expo 2008 with AMA-CT ,Google and Seth Godin

Last year I had spoken at the GNHCC Business Expo and the expo  was great. This year I was unable to attend but requested my Internet Marketing and E-Commerce class to attend and also help out with the AMA-CT booth. It was really nice of the students to attend the expo and also listen to the excellent  talk"Web 2.0: Trends in the Digital Landscape" by Mandy Gardiner, Team Manager Google Inc. And here are the photos…..

Clearly, the organizers of the Expo have moved into Web 2.0 marketing as they had got Seth Godin, Web 2.0 Marketing Guru to be the lunchtime speaker. Tod Kallenbach the AMA-CT President gave me Seth’s new book "Meatball Sundae" and I just finished reading it. Fascinating……

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