Tata Nano and now Tata Jaguar and Land Rover

Tata_nano_2Tata had announced the $2500 Nano Car (left with Chairman RatanJaguar_land_rover
Tata)  to much applause. There are no dearth of buyers at this price point in Asia,Eastern Europe, Africa and Latin America . But have you ever heard of a company operating at both ends of the market ? In fact, the Tata’s have created the entire possibility of a $2500 car and now they are buying the Jaguar and Land Rover. The Nano is for the "Bottom of the Pyramid" while the Jaguar starting at $50,000 ( or 100 times the Nano) is for the super-rich. Are they capable of operating at both ends of the the market? Yes, I think so having worked with Tatas’ as customers for several years. They are  great employers  with a  history  of  caring for employees,customers,suppliers and stakeholders far ahead of their location (India) and  times. Luckily, the Jaguar and Land Rover Union does not have to worry about jobs as this report suggests. Also, if Ford can focus on its core brands and turn things around, the auto industry will see better times.

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