Boeing announces 18 B $ of orders at Farnborough , England Airshow and US Engine suppliers announce new business

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It's really great news that Boeing has signed 30 new 777;s (worth 9.1B$) with Emirates.The total deals for Boeing match up to 18 Billion $ and here is a nice video.

Several of these orders are from the Middle Eastern airlines and augurs well for the aerospace industry suppliers in the US.GE  is reporting 16 Billion $ of deals including the 2 B$ list price GE engines that will power the 30 Boeing 777 's being bought by the Emirates Airlines.There is good news for Pratt and Whitney(UTC)

  too who are reportedly going to supply engines worth 4.8B$ to Airbus of France for 32 planes that Emriates would buy. Typically, global airlines seem to buy both Boeing and Airbus with engines coming from GE,Rolls Royce and Pratt and Whitney. The entire supply chain benefits as these orders start getting executed.

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