Tell workers that their work matters -Deepak Chopra

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Deepak Chopra is an inspiring thought leader , and I am slightly  biased  as for full disclosure  he’s an alumnus from my high school .”Tell workers that their work matters” seems to be his message and here is some interesting information from a survey by Gallup where Deepak was involved in.

In the US 29% employees are engaged  and happy and have a  sense of belonging; 56% employees are  disengaged , sleep walking through the job with  no passion; 15-20%  are actively disengaged and make others unhappy.  A whopping  285 B $/year is   lost every year in the US due to this lack of engagement.Organizations have three segments whose loyalty leads to better financial performance. These are employees,customers and investors. Of these employees come first, if they are loyal and engaged ( some how increase the 29% engaged ones) then customers and investors become more engaged and loyal leading to better financial performance.

Money is important but not the most important motivator for employees.Leaders must take on different roles depending on the situation in their organization and environment: A leader must be, in Deepak’s words :

  • Protector when employees feel unsafe
  • Entrepreneur when they want to achieve
  • Team builder when they want a sense of belonging
  • Nurturer when they want self esteem
  • Innovator when they want to be creative
  • Spiritual guide when they need higher guidance

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