Global organizations think local in India – GE,UTC ,Pepsi – the US small business “global” ecosystem?

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The Obama India visit has to be called a great success on five counts. First for theidealistic Gandhi connection, second for successful geopolitical de-hyphenating    of  India-Pakistan or Chindia, third for a cultural connect with Michelle and Barrack Obama dancing with kids  fourthly on  international politics with US  suppport  for India's quest for a permanent seat on the UN Security Council. But it is in the fifth  area of business that the Obama visit has been remarkable not only for the deals and US Jobs announced but sort of helping understand how exactly the US jobs will be created.

For the business part  I'll focus on the "think local" view of global companies like Pepsi, UTc and GE and why there  is huge opportunity for the US small business in global ecosystems. Here is  how big organizations are acting globally and how they think that small companies can fit in:

  • Indra Nooyi the Pepsi CEO calls the small industry -big company partnership an "ecosystem" which Jeff Immelt of GE identifies as small and big business tends to "hang out" together.
  • Thus UTC has established  a UTC India operation that focusses locally on the local  India market.
  • Similarly GE  has also gone local with a President who decides for every product line  locally. No product adaptation but a direct fresh look at the needs of this exploding market . The India market will report to the emerging markets Vice Chairman Rice in Hong Kong.

So if you  are a small business creating employment in the US – you tend to "hang out" or are part of the big company "ecosystem" in the US.  For growing foreign markets you have to think local for India and every market these big businesses are going out to develop. If you do, you'll benefit from globalization and also create more  high end jobs  in the US.