Better days for auto sales ahead – Toyota brake report and Volkswagen Superbowl Ad

Today’s  release of the NASA study of Toyota’s braking problems is heartening to the auto industry. That the braking problems were caused due to mechanical problems and not some unknown electronic unreliability is comforting to  Toyota  owners and overall auto customers alike. Because, with the auto supply chain being pretty common across auto companies-one would expect that similar suppliers supply to other auto brands and unless this was sorted out, one felt slightly uneasy with the increasing electronics particularly in mechanical things like brakes. Thankfully, a industry wide initiate to give braking the first priority among all car controls is something that  all would like to see.

But moving from the question of auto safety to the enormous number of views the Volkswagen Superbowl  ad has been having on Youtube. Today the number of views is almost 22 million and rising!

This huge interest in a car Ad coupled with the good news that generally the brake electronics work should translate to more sales for the auto industry.

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