Privacy: from Pentagon Papers to Wikileaks and transparent Airbus in 2050

From yesterday the Pentagon Papers relating to the Vietnam war can be downloaded. At the time in 1971 the whole "leak"thing was an international scandal that lasted for years. Flash foward to Wikileaks 40 years later and the world media has lost interest and there is public protest in support of the alleged culprit Private Manning. Flash forward another 40 years to 2050, and Airbus have a transparent plane as a vision ! 

Today there are several air passengers on every flight who take the window seat and promptly draw the blinds and try to sleep and generally stay private and to themselves. But guess what – Airbus might be onto a huge social change illustrated between the difference at the  duration and intensity of public outrage in Pentagan Papers (1971) vs. Wikileaks (2010).

Technology,globalization and economic growth in the developing world might actually make a "fishbowl"  type transparent plane work as our notions of privacy and confidentiality change.

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