Google is a teenager at 13 and the largest free searchable database of the world

Today Google turned 13 and is just a teenager as a concept- the potential of which we do not fully comprehend despite Google explaining it's philosophy  pretty clearly.

No matter what your question, today Google has search results that are relevant to you. How does Google do that- so well and so quickly ? Well by matching the supply side of information to the search needs of the individual searcher. Here's a simplistic view of the Google approach:

  • Supply side of information: So long as the information is on the web sooner or later a Google bot will collect,categorize and rank that information for it's content,credibility and accuracy. This information includes news, maps,videos,images,scholarly articles or whatever. Once the information is properly catalogued, it's only a question of pulling it out- when asked.
  • Demand or search side of information: Since Google dominates the search market it has a great understanding of what you are searching for. If you are a Google user try searching for something on different computers and somehow you'll like your search results better from your own machine. And this is after the geotargeting of search. In other words from the same location – your own computer will give you search results that seem to make you happier !

Matching the demand for information to things that have been well catalogued and getting you the information quickly- is the magic of Google. Something that is already changing the face of supply chain and marketing at the enterprise level.

When asked, an experienced  supply chain manager, who had used paper industrial buying guides indicated that such guides were just too difficult to search. So Google was her option. How unfair ! responded the industrial supplier because our website just does not show up on the first page of search ! Well that's where search advertising like Google AdWords  or Yahoo and Bing  search comes in- as it's really useful to be seen when a buyer is searching.

 Happy Birthday Google!

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