Is your web-site outdated? Connecting Strategy to Execution in a Digital World

Businesses small and large seem to be having a lot of trouble in keeping their websites current.  Call it the "perfection" trap, you want to upgrade the look,feel,functionality of your website and you simply delay putting stuff up. In a world of instant Tweets,Facebook and LinkedIn updates – isn't this shyness a bit incongruous?

When you don't put up details about say a new product, or some process – say the product complaints process- you are missing a huge chance to put out the word. The word is in red because search engines first recognize and categorize the word for organic search  as well as as for your on-line advertising message ranking. For example, if you are using Google AdWords and you started advertising your new product and your website only mentions it briefly- your ad will show up lower due to a low quality score.In contrast, just having more details of your new product will help.

Except for organizations that are entirely digital in their business model ( e.g. Google, Amazon, Facebook) most other organizations have a hard time to explain their strategy in a timely fashion on the web. So you tend to not only loose out on communicating cheaply with your customers, shareholders, the community – but all stakeholders. Particularly employees.

"We have email for employees, " you might argue – but that is really for specifics within a task and  by not articulating your strategy and how you intend to execute on the web – you need more emails to explain and you get caught up in micromanaging.  If folks in your team knew what the mission of the team was and how it fit with the organization's mission – and you had it out on your website- there would be less confusion and more action.

So get your organization's  word out !

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