Why value and relevance is so important in Google AdWords and Email Marketing

Value and Relevance in AdWords-StratoServe
As Google AdWords users already know the link between

keywords—>ad text—-> landing page

needs to be really tight and focused on giving value to your customer who is searching. Thus someone looking for “mother’s day roses” should be ideally seeing an ad that says “mother’s day roses ” and lands the visitor on the roses page and not on the tulips page. (A good example of this is pictured above).The value of such advertising is the most till mother’s day (May 8) and if you searched online in the US you’ll find that the online florists have again started advertising vigorously. After disappearing since Valentine’s day (February 14).

Similarly, in Email Marketing- there must be a “value” signal  on the email subject line and the content should be relevant to the subject line. If you have a “call to action” i.e. a link to a buy page, then the link should land you to the relevant page. So if you have “mother’s day roses” on the subject line – the buy link in the content of the email should take the email recipient to the ” mother’s day roses” page instead of the “tulips” page.  Sounds obvious- but its amazing when you look at campaigns and see the missing pieces.

While in AdWords the quality score and AdRank nudges you towards more value and relevance for your customer email programs don’t help in this regard because they are not set up to “not deliver” your email unless you are spamming. Repeated tests in email marketing programs is a good idea to ensure that you are sending out stuff exactly as you would want your target audience to see it. You do want to ensure that your email message is of value and relevance to your email list.

So why is value and relevance so important in Google AdWords and Email Marketing?  Here are some thoughts:

  • It goes back to the definition of marketing discussed in the previous post. You must communicate value in your advertising.
  • It turns out that data in Google AdWords provides clear metrics as to what people searched (search terms), what keywords you bought, what Ad was shown and what was clicked. You pretty much know if your value communication efforts were working.
  • Similarly, email marketing platforms report how many people opened the email, who clicked on a link in the message and if you have tagged your emails you know exactly which email resulted in an online purchase.

The ability to instantly measure the effectiveness of your digital advertising is amazing. And if you are committed to change and improve your message – it is possible to do so with very short cycle times.

What a huge improvement from the days of  trying to measure audience response through surveys.

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