Is your business Instagram ready? Lessons for “foot traffic” marketers on main street

Go to any event and observe dressed up folks taking selfies. Or folks asking someone else to take a picture for them. Also observe how younger people are examining the background- i.e. the photo frame. The purpose of those photos is not to take a print and make an album. But to post on instagram!

To make all this photo posting more high quality, newer smartphones offer 2 and 3 cameras.

Pop-up museums have caught on to this trend. Here is a great video that explains the Art museum pop-up phenomena from Vox.

The need for everyone to take selfies is disrupting traditional museums. who did not allow photographing for copyright and damage to artwork from flash bulbs. Major museums like the Louvre,Paris now allows photographs without flash. Hotels too have got into the Instagram friendly game. See the pop-up breakfast visual in the food and wine article below. You can be sure that carb conscious guests are not consuming all those bagels. Instead, guests would be posting images of the bagels and waffles on instagram !

Carb conscious guests may not eat but still post on Instagram!- StratoServe

If you have a business that has foot traffic Instagram promotion is a great option.All types of organizations with some “experience marketing”  including healthcare, education, gyms, apparel  and jewellery stores,restaurants,takeouts, home appliances, home repairs, insurance agencies,financial planners, lawyers  can benefit. Here are some inexpensive ideas:

  1. Observe your customers: In clothing and jewellery stores you see customers trying out stuff that they can’t do online. It might be easy to designate a space for tryouts. The only requirement is an attractive “Instagram worthy” backdrop or photo frame.
  2. Backdrops or photo frame ideas can be very inexpensive from balloons and pendants to the more expensive printed point of purchase stuff you see in grocery stores.
  3. Lighting is critical- the tryout corner should look like a photo studio in terms of lighting.
  4. Your Instagram hashtag needs to be displayed on the tryout corner and should invite the shopper to take a selfie and post on instagram.
  5. ‘Even when the shopper does not buy- if you can encourage an Instagram post.It spreads your word.

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