Michigan Auto Industry is changing

Somehow Michigan fascinates me for its auto industry and what it has given to the study of management,innovation and the wrong way to manage buyer seller relationships. When I heard on the radio about the leading rate of job losses and foreclosures in Michigan, I felt bad for the folks in Michigan. But this may be changing……

The news report that "suppliers learn collaboration and innovation" gave me hope. However, it is not the suppliers who need to learn collaboration but the auto industry who need to. In fact this blog has commented on the difference between US and Japanese auto and the long but vain scholarly research that has brought this out to an unresponsive auto sector.

But now, suppliers are no longer willing to cut prices to oblivion but are diversifying their customer portfolio and are not totally depending on the Auto industry but trying out opportunities in office furniture,food and appliance where a reverse auction type of mentality has started changing several years ago. Now the auto industry is changing, rationalizing the supply base and becoming more collaborative and driving innovation with its suppliers. I was particularly impressed with the take of Amerikam CEO Stephanie Leonardos on how long and painful this realization has been for Michigan Auto. But read the last few paragraphs of the interview here.

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