Happy Earth Day -“Green” Value Chain and Clorox

Today is "Earth Day" and here is to wishing readers a very happy earth day! The Earth day movement has an interesting timeline  and there is much to celebrate in terms of the progress we have made globally. However, much needs to be done. I had written about how B2B folks can help with greening the supply chain. Essentially consumers have a preference for "green" today if prices are comparable. Marketing and Sales Managers being closer to their own customers can start with one product and work with their supply management and supply chain to introduce green. Many organizations in the grocery business are doing exactly that.

An  intriguing example corporate green initiatives is the "Green Works" initiative from Clorox. Green_works_clorox_3
One would think that Chlorine is bad for the environment but the company has gone natural and here are their definitions. I have not got around to using their "green " products but I am sure impressed by the competitive prices and great in-store displays across different segments of retailers from Home Depot to Wal-Mart.

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