Gen McChrystal on Afghanistan Strategy -Less worried about security leaks than ignorance

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On Sunday we had the new US General McChrystal on 60 minutes in an impressive interview with David Martin.

I am familiar with the   Mahabharata  ( about 1000 BC)  since childhood but only recently someone explained the Shakuni and Afghanistan angle.  Shakuni the then King of Gandhara (modern Kandahar , Afghanistan) spent more time in Hastinapur (now Delhi) running intrigues at his sisters' husband's kingdom  than managing Kandahar. At least 3000 years of poor governance had  made me slightly pessimistic about Afghanistan.  Making matters worse and more recently Afghanistan has given a tough time to British,Soviet and US Generals not to speak of the local Afghan Government leadership. At least 3 millenia of tough history is a lot of history for General McChrystal to handle but my sense of optimism about Afghanistan improved listening to the General's interview.

The one thing  I liked was the rapid fire briefings he's trying to conduct with the Pentagon, ground troops and Afghan Army. Gen McChrystal says he is less worried about the Taliban getting a heads up  through security leaks than having execution folks be ignorant about the strategic intent and tactical steps he is trying to implement.

If you think about it, only when you are clear  in your strategy and believe in your own strategy, you can be confident about spreading the message without fear. You worry less that  some "enemies" might learn details and try to sabotage some  of your tactical moves. General McChrystal does sound clear and committed to his strategy. Watch the interview here.

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