Global B2B implications of Obama Nobel Prize, Free Global Telephony and Twitter

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No sooner I found out that President Obama had won the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize , I called my old friend from Vadodara,India – the longtime hometown and of another 2009 Nobel Prize winner-Chemistry- Venkatraman Ramkrishnan. My call was  free because my VOIP carrier Vonage now allows free – yes "free" calls to 60 countries. My friend received the call free on his cell phone – no charges for incoming cell phone calls in India. We chatted for a few minutes and he had plenty of reaction from India -within hours of the prize announcement.

I will avoid commenting on the merits of the award , given that Twitter crashed this morning as the world went berserk as everyone had an opinion to share ! The key take away is that the world vastly more global today than just ten years ago. The Internet has applications like Twitter and VOIP phoning like Vonage- all of which is free.

Businesses small and large need to start grasping this immense change and the opportunity it affords:

  • A small business can think of both buying and selling from or to a small business in another country. This was unthinkable even ten years ago.Now communicating is free and reliable !
  • Bigger corporations need to appreciate this change and become nimbler, across the globe.

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