100 years of Mark Twain- 4000 words a day with an ink pen while at Hartford !

Today, April 21, 2010 is 100 years of Mark Twain one of the most interesting denizens of Hartford,Connecticut. If you ever pass through Hartford do check out the Mark Twain House on Farmington Avenue. Here Twain spent many of his most productive years as a writer.

When you take the tour of the Mark Twain house you’ll see his writing desk and pens that he would dip in ink and write long hand. The writing desk is on the third floor along with the billiard table.Amazing that without a computer or laptop Mark Twain regularly churned out 4000 words a day. What productivity!

But more than productivity is the enduring influence of Mark Twain on American life. Also, Mark Twain’s  travels and global outlook makes for fascinating reading.

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