Healthcare – avoiding Washington gridlock and growing jobs

Americans are sagacious and have given an electoral verdict and its really important for Congress to understand the mandate. Consider healthcare reform. The time has come to spell out what the details of healthcare reform will look like. If there are differences between the political parties – they need to sort it out between the Congress,Senate and the White House so that :

  • The doctor and hospital end knows what they’ll be paid for work they do- and by whom
  • The insurance companies and medicare know exactly how everything willl work
  • The liability end of the business understands about liability, malpractice limits and malpractice insurance costs
  • Defensive medicine costs go down as the above become clearer
  • The patient is treated wholistically by the medical system and for example is not thrown out of post-operative recovery just because insurance will not pay !

Just by being clear and unified on the points above – would result in jobs relating to  each part of the healthcare system. This is a situation where both overall costs can come down and jobs can go  up   by implementing an acceptable version of healthcare as :

  • Doctor’s would seriously adopt electronic records
  • Labs will share results electronically
  • Digital low cost health data sharing via platforms like Google Health will take off
  • The diagnostic industry will make money through more patients than repeating “defensive” tests

Avoiding gridlock in Washington on healthcare alone will help in creating thousands of jobs in the implementation of healthcare.

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