India lights up on Diwali to welcome President Obama

Tomorrow is Diwali in the US when President Obama sets out with Michelle Obama and 200 US CEO’s to India as India literally lights up for Diwali ! Ahead of the visit President Obama has sent greetings to India and the visit dates alone  are right out of the culture “textbook.”

The Obama team will be reaching Mumbai ( Bombay) on Saturday and will be staying at the Taj Hotel which was attacked by terrorists  in 2008.  Security is intense  both from the US and India side and shopkeepers around the itenerary are making noises that they’ll loose business at this peak festival time. But you can bet that they’ll talk about the Obama visit for years to come and more than make up the few hours of lost sales.

President Obama will visit Mahatma Gandhi’s home in Mumbai and also the Mahatma’s memorial in Rajghat in Delhi apart from the usual Taj Mahal in Agra. Michelle Obama is scheduled to visit a school where orphans are being taught english by Mumbai college students.

President Obama will also address both houses of Indian Parliament and the visit is  expected to create stronger ties between the US and India and more jobs in the US. More posts to follow.

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