Medical insurance innovation: Doctor’s offices – collect the co-pay at patient visit!

All medical insurers are trying to improve their innovation efforts with new hires who will improve different elements of the health insurance value chain.  Let us look at the co-pay  process  at the doctor-patient link in the medical insurance business. If you observe, there is great variation in processes across the same  insurance companies "network" doctors.

Think about how each doctor's office seems to do this differently.Let's say , you have a co-pay, some doctor's offices are  geared to collecting that co-pay at the patient visit itself. It might feel that the doctor's staff are pushy and are interested in collecting money before seeing the patient but it does save cost and time for all.

The co-pay is pretty clear on the insurance card and if the doctor's office postpones collecting the co-pay there is a whole lot of paper work,mail costs, reminders etc which might actually exceed the cost of the co-pay had it been collected during the patient visit.

Just an idea for doctor's offices: if you need to collect the co-pay for a patient, collect it  right away. Make sure that your office credit card terminal works and get if you get it done the first time – you are helping reduce medical costs in the Us. Contact StratoServe.

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