Google does not judge you : the “MahaMac Gandhi” query

The awesome power of Google and the other search engines in not merely in showing you some answer for whatever might be your question but the total "non-judgemental" nature of the Internet search experience. Ask anything, for  example, the"MahaMac Gandhi" query that attracted one creative searcher to this blog.

I guess this blog is fairly authoritative on the "MahaMac" having posted what is probably the first cash receipt for a "MahaMac".Also being a great fan of the Mahatma – this blog has featured Mahatma Gandhi on several occasions.

But combining the query "MahaMac Mahatma" would be sacrilegious to the Mahatma because he was a strict vegetarian and against consumerism and against all forms of blatant marketing. But when you think about it the Mahatma was the most brilliant marketer ever. He came up with non-violent protests that made the British imperialists defensive while resonating with the "ideals" of Hinduism, the majority religion in India.

If the Mahatma were to go through the swanky Terminal 4 of the New Delhi Airport today he would be appalled at the numerous Gandhi memorabilia like key chains etc that are premium priced at the duty free store and that seem to have huge demand.Incidentally,  sold next to duty free liquor – another affront to the Mahatma!

So don't be surprised if you hear of some new concept (what product?) called MahaMac Gandhi. The combination of two mega brands like MahaMac and Gandhi cannot hurt though McDonalds would surely complain about trademark infringement. Something fun to think about over the weekend.