Starbucks:raises prices promotes “Create jobs for USA”

What is the price of a small (called tall for that upbeat feel) Starbucks regular coffee ? Well, the Pike Place Roast does does come under $1.60 but it doesn't matter as most people order something much grander and spent over $6 on average per visit in 2008. Starbucks re-organized under founder Howard Schultz and seems to be on track  again with more stores,hiring and a price increase  that is making headlines. Prices are likely to go up by 10 cents for tall lattes in the North East USA. The price increase is affordable for the Starbucks target market and is good news for the economy, at least for the wealthier folks. But what about the poor in the US or the  bottom of the pyramid?

It was in an associated CNN story that the Starbucks promoted "Create jobs for USA"  was  mentioned. Launched in late 2011 the idea is nice and attempts to innovatively link the relatively well off Starbucks customer with  a philanthropic effort to create jobs via financing small businesses in the US .

Founder Howard Schultz  famously grew up in the New York projects and epitomizes the American Dream. Now, Schultz  says (see video)  that the long recession has made large sections of the US population skeptical that things will become much better for those at the bottom of the US pyramid. So "Create jobs for USA" is an idea to  raise funds by offering a wrist band for donations of over $5 to Starbucks customers who come in to their stores. In alliance with Opportunity Finance Network , the Starbucks foundation hopes to increase the funding to small businesses, the engine of jobs in the US.  The typical Starbucks customer should be amenable to donating for such a cause. Also  given the Starbucks record of corporate social responsibility , for example it provides medical insurance to all employees and follows ethical and responsible coffee procurement practices, it does look like "Create jobs for USA" will be able to help create jobs at the community and small business level in the US.

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