Connecting passion : the Google Knowledge Graph Innovation

If you are passionate about a topic, cause or effort and your organization puts out some digital content on the web Google Knowledge Graph is an innovation that is about to connect you to people interested in what you have to offer. As pointed out in an earlier post, Google is interested in serving the Internet searcher with exactly what he/she is looking for. Well with knowledge graph, they are going one step further. Google is trying to stretch the knowledge of the searcher beyond the initial informational purpose of the search.

About mid-way through the video alongside, the discussion of "renaissance painters" and Leonardo da Vinci is a nice illustration of this new offering. If you search for Leonardo da Vinci, Google will suggest other renaissance painters like Michelangelo and thereby help extend your knowledge about renaissance painters. As Johanna Wright, the Google Product Management Director explains, this is a step towards becoming a Knowledge Engine from an Information Engine. The latter had just tried to retrieve information bits with Google doing a better job than other search engines.

With Knowledge Graph , Google is trying to do something like, but more than Amazon and Netflix, recommending stuff that people with similar profiles might have found interesting or useful. This is a huge deal because this is a free service to the Internet user i.e. you have not bought a book or rented a movie from Google.

Today  by connecting the really long tail of knowledge to the Internet searcher Google has helped move the economy from the Information economy to the Knowledge economy.Contact StratoServe.

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