Google Rankings: more about being true to the searcher than popularity

This blog has closed comments for some time being deluged by spammers whose primary  purpose is to try and get their link to appear in the comments section. This is the infamous part of the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) industry that is able to post comments from IP addresses originating in interesting places like Russia and Brazil. These hardworking but misguided folks need to understand that Google rankings is more about being true to the searcher than popularity of a website via links. A recent piece in Fortune explains this somewhat. Contact StratoServe.

Let's start with basics: Google does a great job with organic search results because it is focussed on serving the Internet searcher. Not the AdWords advertiser, not the big Ad budget folks or in short with no B2B intent whatsover. They want loyal Google searchers who will turn to Google not just from other search engines but hopefully also from social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter. To do this Google organic results try to give out results that (a) answer the searcher's query including the query's or rather searchers' latent intent (b) choose answers that are authentic (c) and high quality,knowledgeable and preferably the last word on the Internet insofar as the query goes. Loyal searchers are the B2C  core  of Google's business  although no money is transacted. The B2C loyalty i.e. relationship between Google2Searcher  is the foundation of the booming Google AdWords revenue business or the B2B i.e. Google2AdWordsAdvertiser relationship.

It is only with respect to judging high quality/knowledgeability that links to a site help. The logic is that if lots of people link to a site, it must be worthwhile. Playing on this logic are the hordes of global SEO experts who keep scouring the Internet and post comments , with links to their client's website, in the hope that as authoritative websites show these links- their ranking will improve. Not so.

Why? because a well ranked website on Google is always vigilant about keeping up quality content and is unlikely to allow content,including dubious comments with un-related links, to appear on their website. Because if they do:  their own quality declines and organic search rankings decline as well.

While this post will not deter determined "link-builders" entirely, one hopes that at least some will try and give their clients good advise viz. add more quality content, more regularly on your website to really help your search visitor and hopefully convert them to clients. There is no real short-cut. Contact StratoServe.

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