Twinkies consumer interest zooms:Hostess Brands and Bakery Union ready for mediation

Just looking at this graph for Twinkies from Google search trends, would make any marketer envious and ask- why not my brand? The 82 year old bakery company Hostess Brands had filed for bankruptcy and with failure of negotiations with the Union had decided to close and sell its assets and brands including Wonder Bread and Twinkies. This would put 18,000 employees out of work and disappoint potentially millions of fans.

Twinkies bring back the joy of childhood just as you feel guilty for all the  high calories and not so healthy ingredients in the bakery product. Consumers and loyalists are hoarding Twinkies and the Internet is awash with all kinds of tweets,blog posts and comments around the almost blasphemous (from the point of view of Twinkie loyalists) move to close down the Twinkie brand through the Bankruptcy of Hostess Brands.

The mediation is tomorrow and both the Union and Management know by now that some of their brands like "Twinkie" have enormous goodwill and brand power, despite the negative nutritional image as the New York Post Video suggests. Hopefully good sense will prevail and this American icon will survive. Surprisingly though, the brand owners probably did not know about the intensity of feelings of its loyalists. The Internet made the outcry possible and should get a great deal of credit if there if the management and union can work out a deal and keep Twinkies on the shelves.  Contact StratoServe.

Update: Nov 26, 2012: Twinkies brand should survive but Hostess Brands is under liquidation.

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