Super Bowl Advertising for brand awareness and Search Advertising for conversion

Just as the 2013 Super Bowl gets underway Digiday has the intriguing possibilities of spending the $4 million for a 30 second Super Bowl spot  on different types of display advertising. An interesting possibility is to plaster YouTube with a banner for 8 days ( each day estimated at $ 0.5 Million X 8= $ 4 million).  The question arises – so why do so many marketers prefer to advertise on the Super Bowl? Here are some thoughts:

  • The Super Bowl is a major American festival. Many feel that the Super Bowl compares well with the major Holidays and festivals  like Thanksgiving and Christmas.  The Super Bowl is a huge part of American life and culture and right from the customary chicken wings and beer food retailers are busy selling all kinds of chips,dip,pizza etc. Watching the game with family and friends is necessary and this is one evening in the year that the men control the TV remote … well at least during the game and maybe not during the Ads, half time show etc.  From a marketing viewpoint the 100+ million TV audience for the game is accustomed to see the best in American TV advertising on this one evening. This "priming" to check out great TV advertising is huge and which cannot be said for most other TV advertising which are seen as "interuptions" by the consumer. The Ad agencies and Brand Marketers want to make the most of the Advertising and release Ads on YouTube much earlier.
  • Internet Display advertising including Internet Banners are seen as "interruptions". So we have the interesting situation ahead of the game that the Volkswagen Ad has already got 7 million + views. Volkswagen is also advertising the clip on YouTube after you search for "Super Bowl 2013" commercials.  This after a whole lot of PR and outreach at TV talk shows.
  • Search Advertising on the other hand is trying to show you Ads that are relevant to your search terms. So if you searched for "Super Bowl 2013 commercials" on You Tube you see a banner Ad for Cadillac (GM) and next for Honda CRV. The Cadillac Ad has buttons to "request a quote"  or "locate adealer.Try searching again and you see banners for "Honda CRV", "Lexus" and so on.  What do these Ads cost ? Nothing till you click on them ! And once you click the Advertiser has  to pay a few dollars for that click. The chances that you would actually locate a dealer and see the car is much higher. This given that you are aware of the brands and are already considering.

If you see the Super Bowl car ads on TV – and vaguely remember them then the next time you see an Internet search Ad you are quite likely to bring the Brand to your "consideration set" and that is what the Super Bowl Advertisers are betting on. Enjoy  the 2013 Superbowl  ! Contact StratoServe.

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