AdWords Campaign Management should reflect your Marketing Strategy

Google AdWords Campaign Management should reflect
your marketing strategy… sounds natural but because everyone gets so caught
up in the mechanics of the AdWords platform they lose sight of marketing
fundamentals. So this post is to clarify the structure of an AdWords campaign
in terms of your marketing strategy:

  • Which Product/Service? CMO's should have already
    articulated their marketing strategy in terms of the portfolio of products
    and services they will bet marketing dollars on-in their marketing plan. Channels could include
    traditional media (magazines,TV,radio) as applicable. AdWords applies only for those products/services that the CMO
    believes that there is a significant Internet search component as
    discussed in an earlier post . Do give
    priority to mobile searches if you think your prospects might search on

    • Surprisingly a lot of stuff on the web suggests that you should
      decide products, keywords and Ads based on your website. This probably
      follows from the significant disconnect between marketing folks who are
      trying to do the marketing and the IT folks who are trying to do the
      website  and the digital agency who just want to stay out of the
      drama of the organization and do their own thing! A case of the cart
      driving the horse if you think about it- because it should be 
      marketing objectives—->marketing strategy
      —>website—->AdWords campaign. 
  • Get those product web pages done – should be the CMO's
    mantra no matter how difficult it is in your organization to move things
    internally. The pages should have useful information for prospects, easy
    sign-up or buy options- more information  the merrier. Remember that the key to PPC or
    AdWords success is great alignment between the search terms,what you are
    saying in your Ads and website landing page. Those who click on your ads should feel
    delighted on your landing page and spend time there and not bounce off.
    Such engagement will eventually result in conversions and this high
    quality of the web visit is what is quality score in Google AdWords

Just these two steps can help your AdWords Campaign
Management get off to a good start. Contact StratoServe.

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