CMO’s : Insist on access to your Google AdWords and Analytics accounts

CMO's (Chief Marketing Officers)
must insist on access to your Google AdWords and Analytics accounts from your
Digital Marketing Agency.

Digital marketing agencies coming
from the old media advertising world tend to offer monthly reports from the
AdWords account. That's fine, but the marketing organization is missing out on
a great deal of insight that comes free and requires just a few clicks.

StratoServe differennce between AdWords and Organic Search chocolatesFor example, by simply linking your
AdWords account to your Google Analytics account you start seeing data around:

  • Organic search queries: what people typed into Google and arrived at your
    website. – see the "chocolates" example alongside. You see the "Lindt" chocolate AdWords Ad with the yellow background that is triggered by the keyword search term.  However the same keyword  triggers the "Godiva" search at this particular location ot the No. 1 organic rank.  If someone clicks on the "Lindt" Ad, it costs money for Lindt but the traffic that Godiva gets is free. A study of the free traffic  informs the SEO or Search Engine Optimization piece and
    just needs some diligent looking and revamping your web content. Organic
    search queries and the resulting landing pages drive quality traffic to your
  • AdWords tracking:
    If you have linked your AdWords account to your Google Analytics Account
    and just spend a few minutes a day you can immediately find advertising
    waste and stop it. For example, yesterday we noticed 4 clicks on a search
    word clicked from Russia and the particular product is not being marketed
    in Russia. Some easy settings on Geo-targeting and reviewing the keyword
    fixed the problem. OK the CMO might say – hey this is what the agency
    is supposed to be doing
    !  Sure if the agency person working on
    your account notices this, and is aware of the exact situation with that
    particular product.

The point is that access to these
accounts is easy to set up and is free. Also several folks in the CMO's
marketing team can have access and alert the agency if they see something both
in terms of problems as above and also any opportunities based on the traffic
patterns. Once set up you get to see how many visitors purchased, which social
media was working better and where exactly visitors are dropping off and so
on. The ability to know this and act in real time is a huge opportunity
for the CMO. Contact StratoServe.

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