So what is the big deal with “Sterling Service Contracts” ?

Well for one,  the new Sterling Service Contracts , gets linked to many of the categories that I blog about! And that is a lot of categories…

Some of the things that Sterling Service Contracts will do includes, and I quote from Sterling’s press release:


  • Storefront capabilities that provide customers and partners with a personalized and branded buying experience increasing loyalty.
  • Intelligent order orchestration that determines the most efficient and least costly location to fulfill an order.
  • A 7000+ member logistics network that reduces the cost of inbound and outbound shipments through optimization, automation, and collaboration with carriers.
  • Network-centric WMS that reduces inventory levels at each stocking location by managing inventory across all locations as a single inventory pool.
  • Supply Chain Visibility capabilities that balance supply and demand by collecting, summarizing and displaying inbound supply information in a usable, understandable and actionable format.


Sterling is probably not the only supplier offering this bundle though Forrester Research does think that the product is a step closer to the "perfect order". What’s "perfect" about the concept and so fascinating is that it brings alive a lot of organizational theory that was developed for years and years before IT and the Internet made all this a reality.

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