Google Street Map and privacy concerns

Google Street Maps has been received with mixed responses. On one hand folks are furious about privacy issues, while others  hold that this is not really a problem. I think the truth is probably, somewhere in the middle. Privacy as it existed before the Internet is literally non-existent today. For example, you’ll be amazed by the number of "confidential- in company use only" presentations you would find on the web and the "for fee " services that will offer you all kinds of information. In fact, googling someone is standard practice before a business or even social meeting. Academics check out each other’s scholarly standing by a quick search on Google Scholar and act appropriately because Google Scholar tells you the academic pecking order, in no uncertain terms! But then, I am somewhat biased about the possibilities of the Internet. I am, perhaps overly, optimistic that more good than harm will come out of products like Google Street Maps. Given that everything is public, one needs to be comfortable with one’s behavior,actions and even intentions because all of these can be tracked and shared ,pretty easily. The other alternative is to appropriately change ones behavior,actions and intentions lest it show up on YouTube, complete with audio- which is worse that Google Street Maps!

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