The G-20 meeting and global supply chains

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World leaders are gathering at the G-20 meet in London to find common approaches to deal with the global financial crisis. Let's hope that there is some solid movement forward despite some concerns with more bailouts by France and Germany. A quick ,common and global approach is imperative to bring some measure of stability to global supply chains.For supply chains run on flow of money,goods and services and information. Both money and goods and services are not flowing well and the recession is fueling unrest in the developed world raising risks in parts of supply chains – not used to risks.You load a truck with goods in Western Europe and expect it to reach and don't need to have contingencies in place as in many developing markets.

A positive aspect in all of the current situation is that today there is instant global information flow and media coverage – and this should help resolve the crisis at multiple levels including at the G-20.