Billy Mays-Death of a true salesman

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The passing of Michael Jackson had overshadowed all other news but I thought we should not miss out celebrating Billy Mays. I find Arthur Miller’s play somewhat unkind to the sales profession and thus the “true” for Billy Mays. Billy Mays was a true salesman and a great pitchman on TV.

What makes personal selling so effective is that when you speak directly with a prospect,face to face and one to one, it has the biggest impact on closing the sale.To do so via television is very difficult and Billy Mays was very good at it . You wanted to believe him and put out the $20 or so that he suggested you spend to acquire a product that sure looked useful.He did the “convincing that it is useful” really well. To do so for a mass TV audience is a rare and remarkable skill.  My guess is that Billy Mays was not only able to sell the products he pitched but the products “stayed” sold. Probably customers who bought Billy Mays pitches returned less product as he upped the satisfaction levels right at the sell stage.

Here is a clip to celebrate Billy Mays:

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