2010 trends for niche markets

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2009 was a really challenging year for businesses in the US and much of the world. However, we seem to have turned the corner at least on consumer spending with retail sales up. US employment is a very difficult problem to crack and let's hope that 2010 will be much better on the employment front in the US.

Health care reform seems to be on track and should create jobs in all parts of the health care delivery chain including the insurance chain. The climate summit also provides a path to green activity and jobs. Best of all, banks have become much more focused on small business and individual customers and are sending out courteous letters about credit card interest rate changes. A little,on the ground diligence and courtesy by the financial sector should help small businesses and jobs a great deal.

The big trend to watch for in 2010 will probably   be the growth of niche markets. It will become more possible and acceptable to tap into the long tail opportunities, more so as corporations downsize,small businesses grow and technology makes things possible.

Happy New Year 2010!

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