Innovation and the Christmas spirit

Walk into any store, office or organization and you get that festive feeling these days. I wonder why many places are pretty foreboding for rest of the year, probably more so in the unhappy states. People simply hate work, generally, except during the holiday period – when things are distinctly more cheery.

Lots of research on innovation suggests that the early part of the new product development process needs creativity, openness,  freewheeling and a welcoming organization. Later parts of the NPD process requires discipline, structure and process. The later parts of the process need not have a scrooge orientation. In fact, there is evidence that an enabling organization promotes great product development after ideas have been narrowed down. Organizations don’t need huge funding but the Christmas spirit as so many communities in America are demonstrating. Here is a nice post about staying with the Christmas spirit for 365 days in your organization. All parts of your NPD process will improve significantly.

Wish readers a Merry Christmas !

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