Climate Change and US jobs- some CEO green options

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The Climate change meeting  of the United Nations at Copenhagen is considered really important by most of the world.  Americans  too have moved up in their climate concerns and are even supportive of paying higher prices for "greener" products if more jobs are created in the US.(More details of the IPSOS poll here).For Americans jobs are issue no. 1 and the focus on climate change is a great opportunity for the CEO to re orient their business quite quickly to be "greener,"  and also create jobs.Here are three options to consider:

  1. Evaluate current products and markets for green: Right from the upstream supply chain to the downstream distribution channel green content can be enhanced without re-defining your target market. I mean, you can stay with your existing customers and enhance the green in your products' content, manufacturing process, packaging and movement. Both domestic and foreign markets will appreciate any moves you make and this may not cost you anything extra. Simply re-routing delivery can save gas without hurting your market. Once you know know the nature of the "green traction" in your existing product market segments there would be the maximum job creation opportunities in new "green" product lines as is the next point.
  2. Creating new "green" products and businesses: This is a big opportunity for small and big companies. If you know how to run a large conglomerate with large industrial customers you can get into wind power generation as UTC has done. Small B2B firms can benefit by proactively seeking "green" opportunities with existing big company customers.
  3. Re-evaluate your company's potential green expertise: Re-evaluating your green expertise and possible alternate markets for your firm's expertise  should help your market and create jobs. For example,reducing auto emissions is a  big opportunity at multiple points in the auto value chain. These include greener cars, greener fuel, car pooling businesses, public transport and associated  emission control equipment,parts and service. If there is some possible application of your company's skill sets for "greening" the auto value chain. Go for it !

It is very likely that Governments will agree to some basics at Copenhagen (after Kyoto)  and  we should see the incentives/disincentives  for promoting green in each country come up in the next ten years before the next climate conference rolls along.  This sure is a great time for CEO's of all firms to start working on green options for their businesses.

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