Employees First -Customers Second – the enabling CEO and Gen Y

Vineet Nayar ‘s ideas are quite remarkable and yet simple. He says that its really important to be able to motivate employees through transparency ,empowerment and enabling. The employee should truly feel that this is her/his company, cause and customer and s/he is the “owner”.

Also Nayar  is one of  the first large company CEO’s I have read about, who seems to not only understand  Generation Y  but celebrate what  they mean for a  reincarnate CEO.

He suggests that when Gen Y is involved- they already know the good and bad going on in the company because of their more trusting,open and collaborative nature. There is just no point in trying to stay with the old “command and control” style of leadership. Instead,leaders should try to become co-workers who enable and empower the frontlines. Because it is at the interface of the employee and customer that value is really created in most service situations.

If employees, particularly frontline employees are disengaged, uninformed and of lukewarm motivation – there is no getting out of the recession and certainly no innovation and change that is about to happen. Powerful ideas and more here.

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