“Outsourced” at NBC is so yesterday

It seems that the new “Outsourced” series on NBC is a TV version of the movie Outsourced (2006). At such a difficult economic time in the US  – hackneyed stereotypes of Americans and Indians do not foster global understanding and are certainly not funny if the US viewer is unemployed. Just see the comments on the WSJ Blog.

On the production front ,the LA sets of the series is pretty  unconvincing, including the Holstein type cow  because everyone has seen “Slumdog Millionaire(2008).”

But I guess the American viewer can live with stereotypes,uninspiring sets so long as there is some element of hope and opportunity in global outsourcing  that  becomes apparent in future episodes. Instead of trying to show mindless (made in China) novelties as the product being sold (to Americans) wonder if there were some other “funny” options that could have mass appeal. “Outsourced prayers” is one that I remember from some years ago… but I am unsure how funny that would be today.

Perhaps more imaginative comedy storylines of outsourced research,  tutoring, publishing, software and other higher end tasks  might give ideas for innovation to American enterprise, particularly in the small sector that is the engine of jobs in the US. Call centers for novelty products is so yesterday….

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