Amazon sales up 40% as Kindle and e-book sales soar -implications for business

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Amazon sales are up by 40% and analysts believe that this is mainly due to Kindle and e-book sales. What does this mean for business ?

Plenty- if you think about it. Just in the last week one retired older baby boomer person mentioned to me about how much he was using Kindle. So it is not the young/millenials but also the retired older market that finds electronic readers wonderful and the e-book prices attractive. Again just this week a younger baby boomer working person mentioned a classic book he re-read on Kindle since it came free with the reader. Both these people mentioned the iPad as an option going forward.

You can be sure that the Gen X and particularly  Gen Y is really not even thinking of paper based reading materials.

Once you get a hang of it electronic reading is just great. The biggest advantages are being able to carry/access  enormous materials  without the physical load, keeping things organized and the ability to search within electronic text.

This news is a big message to all types of businesses. If your manuals, collateral ar anything is meant to be shared make sure that you have a digital version prepared at the same time that you have the print version developed. If you don't have a digital version you will be spending more on print and may not be reaching many of your audiences.

And take the effort to explain to stake holders how they can access a digital copy of whatever document is relevant to them. While printed paper will not disappear the Amazon sales indicate a tipping point.



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