Americans put security first: ignore “opt-out” protest to celebrate Thanksgiving

From the water cooler to late night comedy there was great hoopla around the privacy invading enhanced pat-downs at US airports.  A  civil disobedience movement “opt-out day” was launched which would involve mass “opt-out” from the invasive security checks today the day before Thanksgiving, the busiest travel day in the US.

Initial reports suggest that the US traveller does care more for security and less for privacy. Some credit for this public response should go to the TSA and the excellent “on message” job done by its head John Pistole. Mr Pistole apologized for mistakes but stayed on message on the purpose of the pat-downs and despite intense media scrutiny  remained polite but firm.

Happily the public responded and folks prefered to reach the airport ahead of time and it seems that the public has chosen to “opt-in” according to the TSA blog. In a matter of days the public has co-operated with invasive security pat-downs  that no one likes or wants but which is necessary for ensuring passenger safety. Wish all readers a Happy Thanksgiving!

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