How did Lowe’s at Raleigh NC save customers from the tornado? Store manager as ship captain

At a DIY store like Lowe's or Home Depot all customers  see  themselves and others as experts of some sort. So as the tornado is at the front door and Lowe's managers are trying to get everyone to the rear of the store and safety, a customer yells that "this is no tornado" and people start going forward again. Luckily, Lowe's employees prevail and get them back and out to safety with 5 seconds to spare as the roof is blown away. So how do store employees do such great stuff?

The Lowe's manager's name is Michael Hollowell and the assistant manager is Bobby Gibson interviewed here with customers Gary and his wife.  They ascribe the successful evacuation to the training that the employees had and the leadership of Michael Hollowell. If you think about it , the store manager and his team acted as a captain and crew of a ship that is in danger and helped customers in an extraordinary manner under extreme time pressure.

The team building and training at this store is truly inspiring.