What can you learn at a McDonald’s job or McJob ? Plenty…

With 50,000 jobs on National Hiring Day there were long lines of applicants today at McDonald's what with high persisting unemployment.  The McJob is mocked in popular culture  because it is seen as "flipping burgers"  or saying  hackneyed cross-selling lines like "Do you want fries with that?" Given that McDonald's have come forward with jobs that are much needed it's time to  re-look at the much maligned "McJob."

Apart from opportunities of rising in the company- which is the  official McDonalds' pitch, I think there are huge opportunities for learning business that is often missed by the student McDonald employee  that one encounters in the classroom.

We must appreciate that among  QSR chains McDonald's has the best franchising model and processes that work at the restaurant level worldwide, remarkable given that 90%  are franchised. From Australia,Europe to Asia, Africa and the Americas the customer  does  get a predictable,uniform  experience.  Wayne Lebrun in the video, must have  learnt early on the job before going on to own seven restaurants in Massachusetts. Learning opportunities include:

Customer Service : Ray Kroc the founder of McDonald's famously wanted front line employees to be always bending to keep counters shining and clean or serving customers. How is this achieved today with the use of technology as the order is transmitted to the kitchen from the counter is interesting. Also interesting is the drive through operation  and its execution,between rush and slow times,  right from the order taking point to the   preparation, payment and drive through layout.

Supply Chain and cooking process:  The supply chain is highly organized and just learning the processes of unloading supplies, refrigeration, handling and cooking standards  from the store's perspective is worthwhile.

Promotions and coupons:  Which promotions work best and how the coupon redemption works is another area which an observant employee  should pick up great insights.

Today's new McDonald's employees have a good opportunity to see and learn a great system from the inside.