Jobs report: getting used to uncertainty – time to look at new markets for your skills

The US jobs report at 9.2 % unemployment is shocking and hard for those who make up this number. And this does not include those who have given up searching. It's time to get used to uncertainty and look at new global job markets.

With this report world stock markets have dipped and everyone is complaining about uncertainty in Washington DC. But frankly there is really no immediate cure for US unemployment. And uncertainty will only accelerate as the world becomes more globalized and connected.If a job has disappeared it is because some old skills cannot be used as it's house has shifted: i.e.  if the factory has shifted , then obviously the skilled operator has no job.

Going forward the displaced worker has couple of choices but this blog post is seriously about exploring foreign markets to put your skills to work wherever your work has moved. Some potential opportunities could be in training folks in that skill in the new country. For example, I have met technicians who were designated as experts by the United Nations in one of their programs and helped set up printing presses from the UN worldwide for  commercial operations. Similarly if you decide to teach your trade in the US there may be no market but you can be sure that trade schools in whichever place (think Afghanistan for eg.) the activity is growing. In other words, if you are unable  to change your skill set and want to put it to use,  other global markets of the world need you and your skills.

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